Pablo's Roots is the story spanning into the past six ancestral roots of a Portuguese family beginning in a village in Lisbon in 1822. It talks about Savio who couldn't fulfil his passion of saiiling around the world, but injected the same fever into his son Paulo, who set sail and landed in West Bengal, India, from where he journeyed with his sailor friends into East Bengal. 

There Paulo starts a town called Mini Portugal and marries a Bengali beauty of a ruling lord. Paulo's son Alfred takes up the responsibility of his father, marries, after which he and his family face adventure during the British Raj. 

They escape and take refuge in Calcutta in West Bengal where his son Pancratius and Albert organise a group to fight the British-made famine who are bent to torture the Indians. 

The story is studded with dark family secrets, magic reality, paranormal activities and bizarre turn of events along with catastrophes dressed as fire, disease, earthquake, attack by robbers, scheming and others till the present day Pablo captured into the modern-day world's life style.

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