From where did my writing begin, yes from where? It began with my mind wanting to remain in conversational silence. And so it searched all over the place from my tiny first year of birth. My mind sought refuge in my mother's lap as she cradled me close to her chest. Very soon my mind trvelled up to the branches of the mango tree as it stood a lonely picture in the small front yard of our house in Jamalpur.
Our summer holidays in my grandparents' house in Bhagalpur showed me the clouds as they moved in the fields and my cousin and I moved in their shelter as far as the river bank till they shaded the waters there.
This is where my writings originated from.
But there was more to its birth. Coming from a family of doctors, educationists and writers, I'm pretty sure a teeny-weeny part of the writer's genes accidently entered and settled in my genes.
Since then they have been absent-mindedly floating inside me...